Week of May 11th



End of the School Year

We can’t believe that we just finished our last week of school! While many of our children will be here for break program and/or Camp Simchah, it was a still a bittersweet goodbye to our classroom and our toddler family. These are no longer the same toddlers who walked into our room for the first time back in August. On a funny note, when comparing the beginning and end pictures, they are taller, their faces are longer, and they have necks! On a more serious note, they have grown into such intelligent, conversational, curious, independent children. We are so proud of each and every one of them and know that, even though we may not be ready, they are ready to move onto the two-year-old classrooms come August. It has truly been a pleasure spending this year with Aiden, Aubrey,Claire, Jack, Asher, Cort, George, Ines and Isabel. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you ever need anything!


Physics on the Naturescape, Part II

Our Outdoor Classroom plan for this week was almost rained out! Luckily the rain stopped just long enough for us to get outside and experiment with inclines and rolling balls. Many of the children were not as interested as last week, due to the puddles left from the rain and the fact that they had the naturescape all to themselves. In the block center, we set up ramps using two different kinds of blocks. First, we experimented with the ramps and discovered the ball remained on the block ramp longer than the flat ramp. We solved the problem by placing them next to each other and began experimenting with different sizes of balls. Unfortunately, our results proved inconclusive as the concept of releasing the balls at the same time is hard to grasp when the excitement level is too high to wait patiently.


Lasting Friendships

At the beginning of the school year, many of our children had definite friend preferences. Whether they engaged in parallel play, watched the other child, or were comforted by their presence, we observed groupings of children. By the end of the school year, we have been amazed at the close knit group of children we have. In certain activities, the original pairings still exist due to strong common interests, but throughout our day, we see everyone interacting in kind, respectful moments. One of our favorite centers for building relationships is our cozy corner, or book center. Our class has a strong love for literacy and reading and has begun to now read books to each other. We often find a group of children gathered around one leader – either reciting the book by memory or making up their own words. We can’t wait to see these friendships grow over the summer and during the next school year!


Recap and Reminders

  • Thank you for everything each of you have done to make this year so successful! We are appreciative of each and every one of you, especially in trusting us with your precious child’s education. Stay in touch!

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May 14, 2015



Harvesting Lifelong Friendships

We have had a wonderful last week together!  We are amazing bucket fillers and celebrated this with a Bucket Filling Party.  We had ice cream with lots of yummy toppings and enjoyed talking about what we loved about each child.  It was also fun to celebrate the school year with the rest of the Pre-K classes by having a pool party and picnic together.  Our class is full of amazing swimmers! Guess what else we did?!? Mr. Geoff had an awards ceremony and we received a certificate and medal for all the awesome skills we learned in gym.

What a joy it has been to teach our class this year! They are so excited to learn new things, explore the outdoors, and they just enjoy spending time with each other. We know they will have so much fun in Kindergarten and will learn many more things!

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May 4-8


photo 1

Planting the Seeds of Learning

We had an exciting experience in Discovery time this week. Tammy introduced themto “Instant Snow”, a polymer that expands quickly into a snow-like substance as soon as room temperature water is added. Amazingly it was even cold to the touch.

We all worked very hard this week getting some gifts made for our wonderful Mom’s. The children had such fun answering questions and painting up a storm. We truly hope they will be treasures for life from your precious children.

photo 1 (11)

Growing Confidence

Your children thoroughly enjoyed learning about the life cycle of the butterfly. It is just amazing how much they have grown in size and knowledge. We have all been searching for Buttercup and Superbug whenever we go out on the playground

We want to thank you for letting us be a part of your precious children’s lives. We will be very sad to have to let them go on without us.

photo 2Harvesting Lifelong Friendships

 Thank you to all of our Awesome Parents!!!! Your kindness and generosity overwhelmed us but it was wonderful. Please know that we loved it all.

We were so please that so many of all were able to spend our last Shabbat with us. Hope you enjoyed the slideshow, I know the children did. It was music to our ears to hear our friends yell out theirs friends name when they were on the screen!!

Again, thank you for everything!!

We hope all of our Mothers have a wonderful Mother’s Day!!

Motherhood is wonderful, rewarding, messy, and noisy. And sometimes a crazy ride, but it is worth it all”      Author Unknown


Recap and Reminders

May 13-7pm Pre-K Graduation

May 13—Sadly the last day of school

Vicky and Hillary



Planting the Seeds of Learning

Wow! I can’t believe this is the last week of school! We have had an incredible journey together this year and as I am writing this the tears are falling. The children have grown and developed so much these past nine months. They all started so young and they were just babies when they started with us and now they are all big boys and girls! We can’t believe that most of them will be turning 3 in the fall! This year we have become such a tight family and we have shared countless memories, experiments, and learning moments that Vicky and I will forever keep warm in our hearts! We spent a lot of time this week on reflecting what we have learned and experienced this year. We discussed the different values and holidays throughout the year. Hanukkah, Passover and Purim were the favorite holidays of the children. We looked at our past pictures and the children got to see themselves and their friends from the first day of school! We have come a very long way. Although we are sad this school year is coming to the end, we know that the children are more than ready to take the next step into the Twos and into the world!


Growing Confidence

We want to say a HUGE heartfelt thank you to our parents for an amazing Teacher Appreciation Week. We loved the yummy treats and the beautiful flowers. They have made the room so beautiful and they smell so wonderful. The children have loved seeing the amazing flower arrangements as well. This week we got to set our butterfly friends free. They finally emerged from their cocoon and Wednesday and Thursday our two friends were ready to go out and fly in the world. This was actually very sad for the children to say goodbye to the butterflies and it was funny how this tied to what Vicky and I have been feeling with the last days with the children. We know that we have summer camp were we will be together but we still feel a sadness saying goodbye to the school year. We went again this week to visit the Twos classes and the teachers talked with the children about playing with them next year. Vicky and I know that the children are going to do awesome in the big Two year old rooms next fall!


Harvesting Lifelong Friendships

Today was our last Shabbat of the regular school year. We all gather together in the Zale Auditorium and we watched a slideshow of pictures from throughout the school year. Of course the children loved seeing their pictures and their friends! They danced to the music and they help say the prayers of Shabbat. The PTA said some nice words and thanked all the volunteers and room parents for all the amazing help they do. We want to say an ENORMOUS thank you to our room parent Susan Cooper for all the amazing work she did for us and with us and because of her help we had a very successful year! We want to say thank you to all of our parents! You have been wonderful partners with us and we are so grateful to have such a loving, caring, and happy group of parents. Again thank you for a wonderful year together!


Recap and Reminders

  • May 13th Pre-K graduation starts at 7:00pm
  • May 14th Last day of school
  • May 15th Teacher work day. Only ECP children
  • May 18th – June 12th Break Program
  • June 15th Summer camp session one starts

Cheri and Becky Week 37 Newsletter

anne & Cheri threes


Planting the Seeds of Learning

This week has been a week of lasts. We can’t believe how fast the year has gone by! On Monday, we released our last butterfly that had emerged from its chrysalis. We were all so excited to watch it fly out onto our Naturescape! Hopefully we will still get to see our butterflies fluttering about when we go outside.


Growing Confidence

Did you know that we can have snow in Texas even in May?! On Wednesday in Discovery, Tammy helped us create our very own snow! First, she passed around a mystery white powder for us all to feel. Most of the children described it as “soft” or “feels like sugar”. She revealed that it is actually the same type of absorbent material that is found in diapers! Adding water to this powder causes it to expand as it absorbs all the water, turning it into fluffy “snow”. It was such a fun sensory learning experience!


Harvesting Lifelong Friendships

Today we had our VERY LAST Shabbat of the school year. We loved getting to see all the parents and family there! Unfortunately our pictures were left out of the video that was shown at Shabbat, but on the bright side that means we get our own special one! Please check your email and there should be a link from Tara.

We would also like to thank you for all the thoughtful teacher appreciation gifts this week. We really appreciate our parents too! We would not be able to do it without you. Thank you so much!

Recap and Reminders


We ran off the extra long Shabbat with a rousing game of Duck Duck Goose 🙂

  • Screen Free Week is May 3-9. Have you tried any new activities? We would love to hear about them!
  • Thursday May 14: Last Day of School
  • Friday May 15: Teacher Work Day, ECP Open
  • May 15-June 12: ECP Break Program
    • May 25: Memorial Day & Shavuot, GFECC Closed
  • June 15: Camp Session 1 Begins!

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Laura and Tunisia Achrayut/Responsibility

Laura & Tunisia threes


Showing Responsibility for our Environment

Ben and Jenna are working together to water the plants outside our classroom. The children enjoy doing their part to care for things and plants in our classroom and around the school.


Ajay proudly admires his accomplishment. He invites everyone to come see the puzzle he built himself.  All the children are aware that they have learned so much and delight in new abilities.


Making Rainbow Patterns

In discovery with Tammy, the children made pattens using the colors of the rainbow! Tammy always makes learning fun!


It begins with…

We practiced identifying the beginning sounds of words using the alphabet book “It begins with an A” . the children then were excited to find things around the room that have the start with the letter we were saying. Once we made a circle of letters and objects they decided to make the letters themselves!

Flower Power-001

Thank you from the Bottom of our Hearts!

  Tunisia and I are so grateful for all the time we have had with your children. We have had a great year watching them learn and grow! Thank for your generosity and support and allowing us to love your children like our own.

Recaps and Reminders

May 13th- Pre-K Graduation in Zale Auditorium at 7pm

May 14th- Last Day of School

Ashleigh and Dave’s Class: Week of 5/4 – 5/8

Dave and Ashleigh’s Class: Week of 5/4 – 5/8


Community Workers: Firefighters!

Fire Station 41 continued to be a popular place of employment this week.  As students drove the fire truck to nearby fires, they made sure to turn on the siren to let the cars know they needed to stop driving and pull over to the side of the road.  When they got to the fires, they worked on carefully hooking and unhooking the hose to the fire hydrant so they could put out the flames.  The firefighters also made sure to put on their oxygen tanks before going into the fire since it would be dangerous to breathe in the smoke.  Our firefighters even found flames popping up in the sensory table this week, and used miniature fire extinguishers to put out the flames.  And of course, no fire safety conversation would be complete (or as much fun) without practicing stopping what we’re doing, dropping to the ground, and rolling around to put the fires out.  Thankfully, we have very enthusiastic rollers so all the fires that spread to our shirts were smothered in no time!


Achrayut: Mother’s Day Gifts

We talked this week about it being an important responsibility to show the people who care for us how much we appreciate all the hard work they do.  With that in mind, the children made surprise Mother’s Day gifts to bring home.  They worked hard creating a container by collaging tissue paper on the outside of a mason jar.  Then they helped mix their special creation that was going to fill the jar.  After mixing it, they carefully used spoons to help scoop from the mixing bowl and transfer it to their jars.  Once that was done, we worked together to make wrapping paper.  Each child helped wrap their jar, and secure the wrapping paper by twisting a pipe cleaner around the top.  Finally they added a card and signed it with their picture.  We hope all of the mom’s enjoy the surprise!


Bye-Bye Butterflies

After lots and lots of waiting – and a second round of caterpillars – we finally got to see the chrysalises break open and watch the painted lady butterflies emerge. We were even in class on Wednesday when one emerged, we missed the initial breaking free, but still saw parts of the chrysalis attached to the butterfly and saw its wings drying.  On Monday, we were able to observe one butterfly that emerged over the weekend and see the colorful orange wings on one side and the circular eyes on the other side of the wings before we released it in our atelier.  We tried coaxing the other two to fly on Wednesday, but they weren’t quite ready to leave the terrarium just yet.  Everybody was very excited to see them flutter off on Friday!  The students also have really gotten into using stencil outlines to draw caterpillars and butterflies with chalk, which they’re extending into the use of watercolors to paint inside the stencil outlines as well.


Weekly Notes

We’ve had an amazing week this week and an excellent year!  It’s so hard to believe this was our last full week of school.  Looking back at all the growth each student achieved this year is a constant source of amazement for both of us.  We are so proud of all the hard work they have done.  Thank you again for entrusting us with their education!

  • Thank you all so much for the wonderful ways in which you participated in Teacher Appreciation Week. Each day was filled with wonderful moments that left us feeling very appreciated, and very fortunate to have gotten to work with such wonderful children and families this year.
  • The last day of school is Thursday, May 14th. The ECP Break Program between school and camp starts on Friday the 15th.  If you have not already turned in your sign-up form for the four weeks of break program to Cynthia, please make sure you do so that we can make sure to have enough coverage for all the children.

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